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Pets are a major part of EpicCraft 2.0. At the moment, nearly all are dead (thanks to /kill "mistakes") but there are a few living pets.

There are three alive pets in the MYOHV

This article will mention the alive as well as the dead pets.

Ocelots/Cats Edit

Koolkate28's cats Edit

  • Ender (dead)
  • Robert (dead)
  • Raven (dead)
  • Shadow (dead)
  • Jill (dead)
  • Zac (dead)
  • Lily (dead)
  • Joey (dead)
  • Zoey (dead)
  • Ember (alive)

Rex101202303's cats Edit

  • R123 (dead)
  • Rex101202303 (dead)
  • Austin (alive)
  • Anna (alive)
  • AJ (alive)
  • Lucifer (alive)
  • Bastet (dead)
  • Ra (alive)
  • CK (alive)
  • Shadow II (alive)
  • Shadow III (alive)

Epicanna27's cats Edit

  • Sirius (dead)
  • Sirius II (dead)

Rabbits Edit

Epicanna27's rabbits Edit

  • Rascal IV (dead)
  • Dr. Pepper (dead)
  • Mr. Fireproof (went missing, probably dead)
  • THE YOGURT BUNNY (alive)

Koolkate28's rabbits Edit

  • Toast (alive)


Yerdua36's wolvesEdit

  • Wolfie!!:D (alive)

Koolkate28's wolvesEdit

  • Spike (dead)
  • Tom (alive)
  • Josie (alive)
  • Ricky (alive)

Epicanna27's wolves Edit

  • Alex (alive)
  • Ember (alive)
  • Tyler (alive)
  • Wolfgang (alive)

AmberJ925's wolves Edit

  • Kate (alive)
  • Jake (alive)
  • Molly (alive)


Yerdua36's chickensEdit

  • Cluckie!!:D (alive)


Yerdua36's horses/donkeys/mulesEdit

  • My Mule (dead)

Koolkate28's horses/donkeys/mulesEdit

  • Kool's Horsey (alive)

Epicanna27's horses/donkeys/mules Edit

  • Donkey Kong (donkey) (alive)
  • Luke (horse) (alive)
  • Luke Jr. (mule) (alive)