EpicCraft 1.0 Edit

If you're here than you're stupid. (What it says inside of her house)
Old Gram Cheezit is a fictional character and running gag currently living in Eltatero Woods. Epicanna27 currently speaks for her in the chat. Her house is nothing to be proud of, and she lives right outside of the public enchanting table. Her house was built by koolkate28. Yerdua36 and Koolkate28 had a dance party in her house.

The other running gag on EpicCraft 1.0 is Cooked Salmon.

EpicCraft 2.0 Edit

Along with Cooked Salmon, Old Gram Cheezit made her return to EpicCraft on 1/18/2016. She was ranked "Sheep" on the Mob Rank System and her chat was controlled by a couple of tellraw command blocks operated by Yerdua36.