Location Edit

New Civ is very far away from Crazytown, Eltatero Woods, and Giant Lake, the main settlements. To get to it, you must use the trail, a pain in the neck to travel.

Currency Edit

The currency is currently Eggs. Yerdua36 is pushing for the Gold System to be used as currency.

Epicanna27 has stated, "If I set up a store at New Civ, I will allow for people to buy stuff with Wool as well." This means that Wool may be accepted as a second, but smaller, currency.

Animals Edit

One black horse with white spots was spotted on the first day of New Civ, claimed to be the property of eltatero. As of September 30, the horse is no longer at New Civ. It is unknown if the horse is still living.

Rascal is the pet rabbit of epicanna27, fenced up in an oak fence. It is a Sand Bunny and is technically not her pet, but she treats it like a pet.

Eltatero also has a partially underground chicken farm.

Name Edit

New Civ was originally called Civilization, or "Civ" for short. It was renamed to New Civilization as technically the main island civilizations (see top of page) were also civilizations. "New Civ" is a short nickname that is now regarded as an official name, similar to Crazytown.

Yerdua36 has recently been calling it "Funky Town" for unknown reasons. It is possible she is pushing for the rename of the town.