Location Edit

Giant Lake is near Crazytown. To travel from Crazytown to Giant Lake, head to the Nether Portal. From there, you should be able to see a giant lake. There is no extreme climbing necessary, and it is a relatively easy trip.

Separation from Crazytown Edit

The Fishing Place, a self-explanatory building that is literally in the lake, was previously considered part of Crazytown. However, when epicanna27 was dividing up buildings into different towns and regions, she decided that The Fishing Place, its autosmelter, and koolkate28's mansion were too far away to be part of Crazytown.

Currency Edit

Giant Lake uses Wool as currency. Epicanna27 would like to keep it that way.

Buildings Edit

  • The Fishing Place (TFP)
  • Koolkate28's mansion
  • TFP Autosmelter
  • Dirt tower (Tower leading up to the former currency converter)

Torn-down buildings Edit

  • Currency Converter (was being controversial and involved command blocks)