World info Edit

Fire vs Ice is a world on EpicCraft 2.0. The official world name is "fvi", standing for Fire vs Ice. It consists of an epic war between Blazes and Snow Golems.

Blazes (aka Team Fire) Edit

The Blazes are the fire-shooting team of Fire vs Ice. Their strategies include shooting fire near the Snow Golem spawn to spawnkill them as well as flying up high, then descending on the Snow Golems. During the era of Troll Guardian, the blazes were extremely disadvantaged thanks to all of the iron golems that spawned.

Snow Golems (aka Team Ice) Edit

The Snow Golems are the snow-shooting team of Fire vs Ice. Their strategies include running off to the village to leave snow everywhere as well as marching up in lines to throw snowballs at the blazes. It is very easy for Snow Golems to fall into traps due to the large amount of fire burning in the arena as well as the flammableness of the Snow Golems.

Lord Ocelot & Toast Edit

Lord Ocelot is a series of ocelots. Lord Ocelot sits in a stone box with a glass roof and pressure plates. Each pressure plate does something, such as striking lightning in the middle of the war or spawning an iron golem. Lord Ocelot V is the current Lord Ocelot, as the previous ones were killed either by a Ghast, by the /kill command, or by despawning. Toast is his rabbit friend also in the Ocelot Box. Toast was added because Lord Ocelot was not pressing enough of the pressure plates and epicanna27 wanted the war to get more interesting.

The Era of Troll Guardian Edit

Iron Golem Spawnkill
Troll Guardian was a guardian sitting in the Ocelot Box. When Yerdua36 and epicanna27 wanted to add another mob to the Ocelot Box, epicanna27 wanted to add a guardian "for the trolls". It was pressing the pressure plates left and right and a crazy amount of golems, ghasts, and lightning bolts were appearing. As a result of this, the iron golems overpowered the blazes and started to spawnkill them, as shown in the screenshot on the right.

Troll Guardian was later killed by epicanna27's enchanted diamond sword.