EpicCraft 1.0Edit

Cooked Salmon is the other running gag on EpicCraft, other than Old Gram Cheezit. Epicanna27 was originally fooling around with /tellraw and made a user called "Cooked_Salmon" beg not to be eaten. Cooked_Salmon logged in and out a few times, and was actually a random inventory item.

EpicCraft 2.0Edit

Yerdua36 made a monument for him, consisting of a square of wood blocks with an item frame in the middle with a cooked salmon on it. A sign is underneath it  consisting of= Please don't eat me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epicanna27 then added a sign above the salmon stating: #EpicCraft1.0References 

Cooked_Salmon ended up being one of the two bots involved in Bot Convo, along with BobbyEnderdragon.


  • Yerdua36 thinks the salmon looks tasty.